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Brief Bio

I was born in Baltimore, MD in 1977 and attended kindergarten at Hiss United Methodist Church in Parkville, then Most Precious Blood in Baltimore for grades 1-4 where I was was President of First Grade! In 1987, my family moved to Sykesville in Carroll County, so I began 5th grade at Freedom Elementary (giving up Catholic school for public school). I subsequently attended Sykesville Middle School and then Liberty High School, where I was Student Government President (among many other things) and graduated with the 3rd highest GPA in my class (I say with all humility).

I then attended Western Maryland College (now known as McDaniel) in Westminster for 4 and a half years, majoring in Art/Art History and minoring in Secondary Education and French. I also served in the Student Government (again, among many other things) there. One of my top accolades was winning awards as both a sports feature writer and editorial cartoonist for the school paper, The Phoenix.

After graduating, the job market was tough. The mantra was always that there was a great need for teachers, but that pertained to core academics: and I was seeking to teach art. I ended up taking on the position of sole art teacher at a non-public school for emotionally-disturbed children where I taught art to kids ages 8-18 (and even one 21 year old!).

I have since held many retail positions (unable to afford to maintain my teaching certification), my current job being a property manager for the last 12 years. I remained a resident of Carroll County until about 2007 when my job took me to PG and then to Montgomery where I now live.



My parents have been married for nearly 45 years, though I have yet to find my special someone. Even though I want nothing more than to be a dad, I have no human children yet: I have however had my fur baby boy, Wiley Roo, for the last 11 of his 12 and a half years of life. (#MustLoveDogs!)

I have 2 younger brothers as well, as well as a friend that I consider a sister: thus, her kids are my niece and nephew, and they mean the world to me!

I have another young lady who like a niece to me as well... and she is my biggest help in this campaign for Senate!



Outside of politics, I enjoy art (looking at it and creating it - while I can paint, I prefer drawing, especially cartooning, and writing poetry). I am a fanatic about comic books and cartoons (#Nerd). Academically, I consider myself well-learned as I have a wide array of interests and am "balance-brained" (I can do art, but I am also good at math, for example)... I am also a self-teacher: I taught myself to draw and read my brains out on Classical mythology.

Similarly, I love a wide of array of genres in music, movies, and TV; however, I have listed below some of my faves.

Favorite Musician: Sting!
Favorite Band: Tears for Fears
Favorite Song: In the House of Stone & Light by Martin Page
Favorite Love Songs (Slow Dance): Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh; When We Dance by Sting
Favorite Love Song (Power Ballad): The Promise by When in Rome
Favorite Political Album: III Sides to Every Story by Extreme

Movies: Captain America Civil War, Click, Oscar & Lucinda, A Dog's Purpose, Fierce Creatures
TV: SVU, Animaniacs, The X-Files, Drawn Together, GoT, TWD, Batman: TAS, X-Men: TAS ('90s), Santa Clarita Diet, Family Guy, Masters of the Universe, GI Joe ('80s), Transformers ('80s)
Favorite Actor: Ralph Fiennes
Favorite Actress: Drew Barrymore

Comic Books:
Hero: Gambit
Heroine: Rogue
Villain: The Riddler ("Batman: TAS" version)



While I was raised Catholic, I consider myself a nondenominational Christian, as well as more spiritual than religious. I believe everyone is free to believe or not believe how they wish. My basic tenet is the Golden Rule: I do unto others as I'd have done unto me.


Political Views

I am unaffiliated because I do not believe that candidates should be associated with one party: in doing so, that is saying they represent only a select part of a constituency when they are supposed to represent everyone therein. That being said, I am not opposed to parties in general – the people have a right to associate and choose whom they want to support for candidates.

I also do not subscribe to the typical view of the political spectrum. Right/left, liberal/conservative, etc. are force fed into our collective conscious to divide us further when it is socioeconomics that unite all of us. Too many elitists from both "sides" continually get elected and represent themselves and their corporate cronies because they keep people ascribing to the political divide. This is the basis of my platform as a working man for the working class: the majority of Americans make less than $60,000 a year and keep allowing politicians to get rich off their tax dollars.

I myself am not liberal or conservative: I am, though, one of the majority, the pink and blue collar, the working class.

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