The following issues are those that deal with topics such as jobs, taxes, and infrastructure.


As the old adage goes, there are only 2 things guaranteed in life: death and taxes.

We will always be taxed in one way or another, but we cannot go by simple arithmetic: the person who makes $30,000/yr does not have the same advantages as the one who makes $3 million/yr. $3,000 hurts the former far more than $300k hurts the latter. So, the rich should have to pay more.

As for mega-corporate tax breaks... Breaks only go to those who need them. That is why they are called breaks!
Big companies who gave out bonuses this year could easily afford them before the passing of the recent tax laws. Let's take Disney... Black Panther cost $200 million to make and yet in mere months it made over a billion beyond that! The $125 million it gave in bonuses could have been done 10x over from that one movie alone!

Finally, there is the issue of the things on which taxes are spent. It doesn't matter with which political "side" you associate and the preferences thereof, there are plenty of tax dollars wasted on expenses neither "side" needs. One big one is federal salaries: no elected or appointed official (who is supposed to be a "public servant") needs to be paid the extravagant salaries they are in addition to full benefits, all for working far, far less time.


Jobs are a number-one priority. We cannot look at the numbers spewed out by the government as they are superficial. Low unemployment doesn't necessarily mean everyone is gainfully employed.

As for government jobs in particular, vets need to be given first refusal rights.


Billions are being sent to other nations while our roads and bridges and plumbing crumble. And guess what? Fixing those would create jobs! Infrastructure is a major priority.