The following issues are those that deal with topics such as the environment, healthcare, and pro-life/choice matters.


While it may sound contradictory, I am pro-choice & life.

Personally, I would not want my partner to get an abortion; however, socially I respect women's rights.

One position that is B&W for me is when a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother: if the odds state that the mother could be saved versus both mother and child dying, then there is no question that the mother should be saved.

As for Planned Parenthood, one must recognize that the organization provides all sorts of healthcare options for women. There is nothing wrong with governmental funding in that regard, but it should be specified for/against various uses.


We live on Earth. Continuing the way we are going, gutting her and poisoning her, we only hurt ourselves. But change takes time.

We need to do what we can to protect the environment. Regulations are not a bad thing: only the Bigs want you to think they are because it causes them to lose money.

Eventually going to environmentally more friendly sources of energy is a good thing, and it will not hurt the job market. Miners can work into retirement and/or transition into other industries as well. On the same token, though, we cannot just jump to being green.

As for climate change, it is real. Whether or not you believe it to be mankind's fault isn't necessarily the issue if you look at it this way...

We have 2 choices:

  • help the environment
  • don't help the environment

What is worse of the following 2 possible scenarios?

  • we help the environment to thrive, though the cause is not human.
  • we don't help the environment, and it is indeed humanity at the source.


Cars are a privilege: Pay for insurance. Health is a natural right: No one should profiteer in the healthcare industry while many suffer.

I believe universal healthcare is the way to go, though the current measures being proposed might not be the best fit.

Costs would be kept down: nowadays, people cannot always afford to to to the doctor and put things off, sometimes causing things to get worse and more expensive on both the individual and society. If healthcare were completely covered, people could stay more healthy more easily and costs would not be as much (plus more healthy people means more can be accomplished).

The pharmaceutical industry also needs to be put in check. Capitalism was intended for the average person to be able to make something of him/herself, not for the Bigs to be able to step on the average person out of greed.