The following issues are those that deal with topics such as civil rights, government reform, and education.

Civil Rights

Everyone is equal (equitable). Period.

Race, religion, orientation, etc. do not make anyone more or less important.

As such, a consenting adult should be able to do what he/she/they want as long as it does not directly and adversely affect another.

Freedom of Religion

An individual should be able to worship (or abstain therefrom) as one wants.

But that cuts both ways. A person of one faith cannot claim freedom of religion and then want those tenets to be forced on others.



While states have sovereignty, the US Dept of Ed should ensure equal education for all ages. This includes matters of government in order to shatter the fallacies that are disinformation.

Eliminating college debt would help make people better able to enter the workforce and grow through careers, but it would also have to be a stable program to ensure it is not taken advantage of.

Government Reform

Number 1: Public Servants should not make more than their constituents, especially for working far less time. I would aim to remedy this by starting with US Senators for MD salary.

Also, term limits must exist for all levels of government. Too many elected officials become complacent and/or smug in their positions when they find they will be able to make a career of that one position. It would also help ensure checks and balances are actually just that. No lifelong benefits for these officials either (i.e., no sucking the taxpayers dry).


We need to disengage the war machine (i.e., stop overspending on items that more or less aim to enrich big contractors) and focus more on supporting our current troops and veterans alike.


I am pro-2A and advocate for some level of gun control. They are not opposite goals.


Legal immigration but it must be asylum-based first - not preferential treatment. We also cannot turn away children in need.

Oh, and while infrastructure is needed at borders... #NoWall.

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