Youth Logo Design Event

Youth Logo Design Event (Kids: Create a Campaign Logo!)

Maryland* kids of all ages and any skill level: design a campaign logo for a candidate for US Senate!

Anything from a 5-minute doodle/scribble to something that looks professional is welcome!

Click here to complete entry step 1!
Click here to complete entry step 2!
(optional though recommended)


Basic Requirements:

    • ➡️ Open to all Maryland residents who are:
      • under 13 years-old (parent must submit entry).
      • ages 13-17 (may submit step 1 of the entry on his/her own but ask parent to do step 2)

    • ➡️ No skill required - any graphic must be by entrant only
           (e.g., no use of copyrighted items like famous cartoon characters)
           (*text by parents permitted for children who have not yet learned to write).
    • ➡️ Should use thematic colors (US, MD, or your county's flag colors).
    • ➡️ Images/graphics should relate to platform or to MD in general.
    • ➡️ Must use at least the following 3 words: Puskar, US Senate, 2018
           (If child cannot write, you may omit the text and we will put the text onto the drawing.)
    • ➡️ Can use other words like "Michael" and "Maryland," though not required
           (use other keywords/hashtags from if you want)

    • ➡️ Parent/legal guardian may also sign release form, for all entrants of all ages under 18 (step 2 above).


🗓️ Promotion valid until Election Day: Nov 6, 2018!


A parent's party affiliation (or lack thereof) is not a factor in this event.
Participation does not assume endorsement, though endorsement is most appreciated!

Basic Terms and Conditions for this Event


*Children from other US states (and DC/PR) may enter as well, but MD entrants will receive priority.

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